Hearing Aid Accessories

At Clear-tone, we offer a wide range of hearing aid accessories to help you get the most out of your device. Whether you need to replace an old accessory or want to try something new, we have the latest technology and products to make your life easier.

Wireless Accessories

Our wireless accessories utilize Bluetooth technology to help you hear better in noisy environments or at a distance from the speaker. We offer a range of accessories, including wireless microphones, remotes, and TV headsets. These accessories allow you to adjust the volume, program, and other settings without having to take your hearing aid out of your ear.

Transmitters and Receivers

Our transmitters and receivers are ideal for educational settings and children. They work together to overcome background noise, distance, and reverberation, making it easier for you to hear and understand speech. They can also be used to stream audio from FM systems, MP3 players, TVs, and computers.

Power Adaptors and Cords

Our power adaptors and cords add versatility by allowing direct input from various audio sources. They are available with both monaural and binaural cords, and are a great option for those who frequently use audio devices.

Earwax Filters

Our earwax filters prevent earwax and debris from entering your hearing aid, which can damage electronic components and affect sound quality. They are easy to replace and help to extend the life of your hearing aid.

Cleaning Kits

Proper care and maintenance of your hearing aids are essential to ensure they perform at their best. We offer a range of cleaning kits that make it easy to keep your hearing aids clean and in good condition. Our kits include a wax removal brush and pick, a tube and vent cleaner, battery door opener, and battery replacement magnet.

Charging Stations

For those with rechargeable hearing aids, our charging stations are essential. Instead of having to fiddle with battery compartments, you can simply place your hearing aids in the cradle for a few hours to get a full day's worth of listening time.

Alerting Devices

Our alerting devices hook up to telephones, alarm clocks, doorbells, and other electronic devices. They alert you through a loud sound or flashing light, making you aware of an incoming phone call, a visitor at the door, and other important events.


We offer a range of disposable zinc-air batteries that are color- and number-coded for easy replacement. The type of battery needed depends on the style and size of your hearing aids and includes: 5 (red), 10 (yellow), 13 (orange), 312 (brown), and 675 (blue). We also offer rechargeable batteries that provide up to 24 hours of hearing from a single charge.

Assistive Listening Devices